Outsourcing Solutions

Tardigrade delivers proven outsource solutions for clients in the Property, Professional Services, HR and Financial Services sectors.


Tardigrades outsourcing partners provide more than 500 seats to a range of Australia small and medium sized enterprises.


Tardigrade outsourcing arrangements typically save between 60% and 80% when compared with comparable Australia resources.


Putting in place outsourcing arrangements allows clients to focus on high value add activities at the core of their business.


Through a combinations of state of the art technology and well established processes, you sill have the same control over your team in the Philippines as you would if they were located in your premises.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Reduce labour costs by 60% to 80% across a range activities.
Allows existing Australian staff to upskill and move into more rewarding supervisory roles.
Access highly skilled offshore employees- most with a tertiary qualification.
Eliminates need to enter expensive long term office leases to grow the business.
Eliminates need to enter expensive long term office leases to grow the business.
Flexible work parameters -termination of arrangement typically with one month notice period.

Why the Philippines ?


Access to a population of more than 100 million (of which more than 1.5m are employed in the outsourcing sector) provides a significant base from which to find skilled employees.


Potential employees are drawn from a population with a 96% literacy rate, while English is one of two official languages. English is the main language for business and education.


The Philippines and its population is heavily influenced by Western culture having been a US colony up until 1946. Business custom continues to be heavily influenced by US practices.


As a result of the 2 hour time difference between eastern Australia and Manila, most Filipinos undertaking outsourced work for Australian entities work Australian office hours. This maximises communication and interaction between Australian and Philippine based employees.


Rates of pay in the Philippines allow outsourcing to deliver savings of between 60% and 80% to Australian companies.

Example Services

IT Support / System Admin  Web Designer  Web developer

Email Marketing  SEO  Big Data Specialist

Big Data Scientist  Software development  Data Entry Typing

Maintenance Bookings  Rent Role Administration Bank Reconciliations

Personal Assistant  Legal Typing  Legal secretary

Paralegal  Medical Appointments  Accounts Payable Processing

Accounts Receivable Processing   Fixed Asset Register   Bank Reconciliations

Management Accounting   Statutory Reporting  Tax Reports (BAS, GST, Super)

Payroll Processing Compliance  CV formatting  Reference checks

Forwarding of employment contracts  Follow-up on expiry contracts  HR Compliance checks- visa and ID

Credit Approvals  AML Compliance

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